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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas


I wanted to take this time to wish everyone who follows my blog a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I'm afraid I have been very slack in keeping up my blog over the past few months. I've been going through some personal things that have taken most of my attention. Unfortunately the issues are not resolved yet, and may not be for awhile, but I will try to keep this updated as best as I can.

I'm still sewing quit a bit for my granddaughters, not so much for the public, but I'm ok with that. It was mostly a dream of mine to be able to do that, and honestly I have'nt put in the time it takes to get my "things" out there for the public to view. Maybe in the upcoming year I will try to do better.
I do want to share this coat and dress outfit that I made for McKayla, mainly because it turned out really well. I'm not one to sew much with plaids, simply because I don't want to take the time to match up the plaids, but I got this material at such a good price, I could'nt pass it up. The dress is a short sleeve with pipping around the hip area, that's the red looks like ribbon, and then the coat has the red pipping around the pockets and the collar. Surprisingly it went together very easy and I was quite pleased with the way it turned out.
I've done a few other "firsts" but I will save those for a future post.
Again I wish every one has a happy holiday and a safe one.
dsthreadsdownsouth out for now

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holiday Extravaganza

Nov. 11, 2010

I just wanted to share a little proud moment of a mother. I'm attending a Holiday Extravaganza as a vendor today and my Mckaya and Zane's school. We had to set up last night because they are also having a Veteren's program there and to keep the traffic down somewhat they asked us to set up the night before.

I had 4 clothes racks, plus 4 totes with my clothes in and tables and all the other stuff that you take when you are trying to sell your hobby to the public, anyway, my husband helped me load it up and went with me to set it all up. My daughter-in-law had said that she would come to the school and help, but I told her that we could do it, not to bother.

So me and my husband get to the school figure out where we needed to park to unload all this stuff, and go inside the gym to see where my spot will be and I hear someone call my name and say "your over here". Yup, you guessed it, coming towards us is my daughter-in-law and the 2 kids.

Of course the kids think it's pretty cool to be at their school at night, and they want to help unload so grandpa gives them the lightest of things to carry in, and they are happy to be helping. As were bringing in and trying to decide how we should set it up, I turn around and their is my son coming in and he's coming straight from work, work clothes and all.

Thanks to my family, an hour and a half later we are all set up and ready to make some sells today. Of course it took several opions and stepping back to see what will look best, but it's really nice to know how much my family loves me.

I think what I'm saying is you know that your family loves you, but it's great when they take time out of the own lives to help you in your life when it means that much to you. So I wanted to take time out and just say Thank you to Tracy and Brian and the kids, oh yea, and my husband John for their help and support and mostly for their love. I love all of you, and I have to say that if my other 3 kids would have been here they would have been right there to and it's a good feeling to know that.
So that's the good thing about having my own blog, I can write whatever I want and I wanted to share my family with you.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Friday, October 29, 2010

DSC01608 (1 photo), by samantha evans

I wanted to share with you my other granddaughter, this is Kinsley, 4 years old, and they live in Ok. so I don't get to see her very often, and I miss her so much. She's a little cutie,and a pistol, if you can't judge that for your self. Her mom sent me these pic. so I thought you might enjoy them.
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DSC01659 (1 photo), by samantha evans

I'd like to share my Snapfish photos with you. Once you have checked out my photos you can order prints and upload your own photos to share.
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DSC01672 (1 photo), by samantha evans

I'd like to share my Snapfish photos with you. Once you have checked out my photos you can order prints and upload your own photos to share.
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DSC01669 (1 photo), by samantha evans

I'd like to share my Snapfish photos with you. Once you have checked out my photos you can order prints and upload your own photos to share.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

What I've been up to

Oct 28,2010

I know I've been missing lately from my blog, so wanted to show you why. My daughter-in-law informed me that it is gonna be getting cold here soon, and my granddaughter is still wearing the summer clothes that I made her, hinting that she needs some winter ones.

In the first picture is a purple fleece caplet that I made for both of my granddaughters, Mckayla, and Kinsley. I think it turned out really cute, being that I have never used fleece before, super easy to work with. This one goes up to a size 6, but would'nt be much of a problem to make it bigger.

In the second set of pic. is my 6 year old grandson, Zane, who is modeling a Carolina hat I make, mostly for girls, but he was being silly and wanted to model something.

In the 3rd set of pic. is a Mckayla in a blue stripped Capri set with pleats in the front of the shirt, very wash and wear outfit. She was trying to pout in the 2nd pic.but she's 8 so we'll give it to her anyway. The pattern for this outfit goes to a size 6, but McKayla is 8 and most of the patterns run big. I make her a size 6 except in the length shneeds an 8, so it's very easy to make alot of these fit a lot of different size girls.
The next dress is an oriental print with black pipping going across the ches area and the sleeves. I did'nt get a pic of her in this, but she absolutely loved this after I got it finished. The skirt of the dress is fuller and a little longer, goes right below her knee. Like I said she loved this dress, we went to out to eat, she wore it, had to wait a few minutes to get seated and she kept looking at her self in the window, twirling back and forth. This pattern starts at a 3 and goes up to an 8.
The next set is a jersey knit, with contrasting pink knit sleeves, with a little flounce at the top of the sleeve. The bodice is a mock wrap around and the skirt is full. I've never worked with knits before either, so it was a learning experience also, and I learned that knits are very forgiving so this probably could have been made a size smaller, this pattern starts at 6 and goes to 14.
The next is a pattern form Daisy Kingdom, and has 3 different materials in it. If you look close the pockets, bottom trim, the bow, and the belt are made of one material, the neck line, and bottom part of the sleeves, and the second bottom trim are made of another material, while the main part of the dress is yet another material. I had a lot of "firsts" making these dresses, I have never put 3 different materials in 1 outfit before. She said this was another one of her favorites. This pattern is from 5 to 8.
The next dress is made out of soft flannel, another material I have'nt made dresses out of, but love the way it came together. This has buttons all the way down the front, 2 front pockets, long sleeves with buttoned cuffs, also has the tab and buttons on the sleeves that you can roll up and secure, with a ruffle at the bottom. This is 7 to 14.
Mckayla is very funny, she does'nt really like wild colors right off the bat, they have to grow on her, so this next one she was'nt to crazy about at first. It's multi colored crepe and really has a nice flow to it. It's 3 quarter sleeves, with a gathered bodice and a ruffle at the bottom. The neck line is a cut v needing a shirt worn under neath. This one I was worried about the length cause I only had it to a size 6, but with some leggings it will be really cute. This starts at size 3 to 6.
The next dress is actually for my other granddaugher, Kinsley, but she tried it on anyway. Kinsley is 4 but she wears a 6 only shorter length. This is pink corduroy,with a pattern of butterflys and zigzag material for the 2 bottom flounces. The inside is lined down to the flounces. I cut some of the butterflies out of the left over material and appliqued them onto the top part of the dress, just enough to tie them into the bottom of the dress. This was also one of her favorites, so guess I will have to make her one like it.
So has you can see I have been a busy little bee, also made 3 dresses and the purple caplet for Kinsley, but she lives in Ok. so had to send them to her, she called when she got them and said "I like my pretty clothes", gotta love those grandkids.
I know this is rather a long post, but figured while I was here I would put them all together at one time. I gave you the sizes that the patterns come in and a little idea how they fit, so if you want something recreated it is possible, these are just ideas that I've made for my girls, you can chose any color combinations that you want. If interested e-mail me at d.sthreaddownsouth@yahoo.com for complete pricing and details. I will look forward to hearing from ya'll.
That's it for me , dsthreads out for now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Success at City Market

Sept 21, 2o10

If ya'll recall a few weeks ago I told you about a "city market on Main" that they were having in our downtown area. It is held at the museum courtyard every Friday in the months of Sept. and Oct. You basically take what you want to sell and set up the booth and hope that you make enough to at least pay for you to set up there.

It is smack in the middle of our downtown area, and I thought it would be a good place to get some exposure and hopefully some sells. Now mind you it is still in the 90's here so you really have to have some kindof shelter, a canopy, and of course you have to have the things you are trying to sell.

So I have to carry this canopy and 2 big totes with my clothes in it plus my chair, a table so I can set out my oven mitt sets and the buisness cards, and the 3 racks to hang the clothes on so people can see them.

You have to move your car to a garage a block away, walk back and proceed to set all this stuff up, sweating like nobody's business and the collapse in the chair and wait for the money to roll in. You are set up for 4 hrs. and after you had a fablous day, you have to take down what you did'nt sell pack it all up, walk a block to get your car, load it back up, and on the drive home, think "AM I TOTALLY CRAZY".

The first week I did'nt sell a thing, not one thing. The second week I sold an oven mitt, which didnot cover the price of setting up. Last week I actually made a profit, which I was so happy about, I felt success at last. Now on the 2 previous weeks I had alot of people stop and look and they said that my clothes were really cute and made very well, but no buyers.

I can't tell you how happy I was to actually sell some of my things, it made the day alot better even knowing all you have to go through to get to that point. I will be going back this Friday, even though it will be 90 again, I'm so ready for cool weather, and hopefully will have more success. The one thing my kids keep telling me is " Your getting out of the house" so it is worth it.

I hope ya'll have a great week and I will let you know how it goes.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What I've made for myself

Sept. 9, 2010
I told you in an earlier post that I was going to make something for myself for a change, have'nt done it in quite awhile. So I got them finished and was so thrilled with them that I had my son take a few pic. of them so I could share them with you.
Let me start off by saying you can't really tell how old you are getting till you see your self in pictures. I really do not like seeing pic. of myself, but I thought it would look better than hanging on a hanger. This top, I have to say, I love it. It took only about 2 hrs to make, the material was on sale, always love that, and it's just a fun top. The two top sides drape down the front and make a cool feature, then the back is longer, covers the butt, which I like. I love the colors, it reminds me that fall will be here soon.
Now for the winter suit. I have to admit something right off hand. When I look at a pattern, if it has a lining, or cuffs, or zippers and waistbands, I have to think twice before I try to do it. I saw this pattern and loved the way the jacket was made, it just looked like with the right material it would be really snugly in the winter.
I'm not the best at picking out the right material for the right pattern, but I was looking and saw this chocolate brown tweed, on sale, and thought that it would really be "rich" looking. So I put my fears aside, bought the pattern and material, took them home, started reading the instructions and thought I had lost my mind! There was like 11 pieces for the jacket alone, but I knew it would really be a nice winter outfit when I got done. So I started at the beginning and just kept plugging away at it, and I'm very pleased with the way it turned out.
You can't really tell what the material is like, but it is a dark brown tweed with light brown threads running through it. I could have made a few adjustments to it, like the cuffs are a little long, the waist is a little high, I forgot that I usually cut the top of the pants down a little, but all of this was after the fact and it still works for me. The jacket really is'nt as bulky as the picture made it seem, I think that's from me posing. As you can see the butt of the pants fit really well. My son kept saying just don't stand there, pose or do something so I did.
Let me just say that when you work with tweed it is a BIG MESS it ravels like nobody's business. I have carpet in my sewing room, and I had to vacuum a total of 4 times by the time I was finished. I had to be extra careful in handling it just to keep the raveling down. I forgot to mention that the jacket is lined, thank goodness, and that was a challenge to me also, but as far as the fit and the look of the suit, I could'nt be happier or more proud of it.
Thanks for sharing in my accomplishments with me, and the more I venture out the more I will be able to make any and all future customers happy.
dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Absent lately

Sept. 5, 2010

I have to apologize for not being on here in awhile. I was busy making a few outfits for my granddaughter and grandson for when school starts. They turned out really cute, and I always forget to take pictures until after I have given them to them, then I have to wait for their mom to do it, and let's just say that she does'nt get in a hurry for to many things, God love her. I actually only made 1 pair of shorts for my grandson, his mom buys the material and then brings it to me to make. It was cute material, blue and grey big checks, from what I can remember, but it had the pockets on the sides and then one on the side of the pants leg, turned out good, and I will get pictures up very soon.

I have to tell you that I think my granddaughter good become a designer when she gets older, she definitely knows what she likes, and what she does'nt. Her mom picks out her material to, and she had multi colored for a pair of capris, it was really cute, but my fashionista granddaugher said " the pants fit really good grandma, but the colors embarrass me, mom needs to let me pick them out from now on", she is 7 people!!!! I will get pics of them both soon, I hope.

I was also busy getting some oven mitt sets done up in our rival college football teams here in the state, Carolina gamecocks, and Clemson tigers. They are having a "city market" in our town on Main St. every Fri. for the month of Sept. and Oct. and I wanted to take my clothes and the oven mitt sets and see what kindof response I would receive. I didn't realize it was a holiday week-end and was a little discouraged by the turn out, I sold one oven mitt set. A lot of people loved my clothes but not enough to buy them I guess. Anyway I will keep going and see what happens, and in the mean time I will sew for my beloved public, my GRANDKIDS.

One last thing, I'm starting to sew for myself again, and am working on a kindof suit, jacket and pants for this winter, if it turns out good I will post a pic. of me wearing it, when I can get my husband to stand still long enough to take the photo. I've been busy sewing for everyone else and trying to get some coustomers that I have forgotten how to sew for ME.

That's all of my news for now, I promise it will not be so long the next time.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Friday, August 13, 2010

First attempt at quilting, sort of

August 12,2010

I have to say right off the bat, that I've never been interested in quilting. To me it takes way to long before you can see the end result, I'm to impatient I guess, I want to see my finished work as soon as possible. Now my mom quilts, ALOT, she has made quilts for all four of my kids and she made quilts for my 2 granddaughters. My youngest granddaughter still who is 4 sleeps with hers and it's her "blankey".

I was at the fabric store awhile back and they had a good price on x-mas material so I bought a few yards, a few is what I tell my husband anyway, and then I went to look in the books for a pattern. I've said before that I've never looked in the craft part of the books, until I found that purse pattern, so I looked in there for something to make out of the x-mas material.

A pattern jumped out at me with aprons on it, and it also had an oven mitt, and 2 different potholders on it. I actually bought it thinking I would make the half apron. Now all this happend at least 2 monts ago, but I've been busy sewing for the granddaughters, and trying to get more things sewn up to show potential customers, anyway it's been sitting not making itself for some reason.

To be honest when ever I get a new pattern I look over the directions and the pieces to see what all goes into making it. Well the real reason, besides being busy, I did'nt do it yet is it looked complicated. I did'nt have anything else to sew so I got it out and thought I'd try the oven mitt, and was a little intimidated because it is quilting and it did'nt make a whole lot of sense by just reading it, so I plunged in and went step by step, and the picture above is the outcome. I think it is so CUTE.

I could'nt stop at just making the oven mitt, I was on a roll, I was QUILTING now, so I made the matching pot holder today, and it turned out really well also. You can't really tell in the picture of the pot holder, but there is white thread going across the red and red thread going across the green, kindof makes the quilting stand out more. They were'nt that hard to do, once I sat down and did it, and I'm very pleased with the results.

At the top of my page I said quilting sort of, because even though it is quilting, it's not a big project like a quilt or something of that nature, but I think my mom who is a quilter, would say if it says quilting in the directions, than your a QUILTER. Yea mom. So........x-mas presents for everyone.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my different projects, and I'll keep trying to surprise you and myself with what I try to do next.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Granddaughter

August 11,2010

Hi everyone! I have'nt been on here lately, had alot going on. I've been sewing for my granddaughter, that's her in the picture above. I've been trying to get a few outfits done so her brother can take them home with him when he leaves in 2 days.

Like I said that is my granddaughter in the picture, and you can probably guess that she is a wild one, by the pose that she is making. She's 4 years old, yes she's big for her age, and she has to take after her daddy, cos her momma, my daughter, is only 5'3.

They moved to Oklahoma a few months ago, her dad's in the army, and so they took 3 of my 5 grandkids with them. The other 2 from my son live here, she's the other granddaughter that I sew for.

Anyway I made her this outfit and sent it to her, even put her own name on the package, and her mom said she was thrilled with it. This is the same outfit I talked about a while back the I made her cousin out of the same material, so they would have matching outfits. She called to tell me that she loved her new clothes, and she wanted me to send her a picture of her cousin so she could see her in the outfit to.

I was saying ealier that I was sewing a few outfits for her brother to take with him, he's here with his dad for the summer, and he's going back in 2 days, so I wanted to make some new clothes for him to take with him, and save me money on sending them in the mail. Of course I could have had all summer to do this if I had thought of it then, but I just thought of sending them with him a few days ago, so I got busy. I have managed to make her another capri set, nightgown, dress and finsihed a skirt today.

I have to say I really miss her and her brothers, every time she gets on the phone she'll say"I come to your house now", she does'nt quite understand that she's not a few miles away anymore. She is a handful, but she's a loveable handful.

I just wanted to share my graddaughter with ya'll, a grandma's right to brag.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Granddaughter's b-day

July 29, 2010

I haven't been able to get to my blog in awhile, been kindof busy lately. My granddaughter had her birthday this past Sat. she turned 8 years old. That's her, of course, in front of her cake. She had it at the community pool, and it was a good day for it, since it was probably at least 98 degrees outside.

Now I don't even like wearing a bathing suit in front of my family, and you know family are'nt going to ask you when and how you gained 20 lbs. or why the top of your legs look like jello, no not your family. So anyway, like I said COMMUNITY pool, meaning people that go there all time and probably spend the rest of the time in a gym, by the looks of their legs, no jello there. Not to mention that she invited girls from her school, which meant that the moms had to come, not much jello there either.

I knew that I was'nt going to wear a bathing suit, so I had some pretty light green material that I was wanting to make just a sleeveless summer dress out of, yea, so my arms flap a little in the wind to, I wanted it sleeveless anyway. I made the dress thinking I could wear it to the pool/b-day party and still stay comfortable, not cool, but not miserable either. WRONG.

I want you to visualize a cool pool of water in 98 degree weather, and knowing the whole time, while your sitting there sweating like nobodys business, that you can't jump in head first and just stay under until you can't hold your breath any longer. It would have felt so awesome to jump in and not care that I would have been the only grandma in the pool in her green summer dress.

All in all my granddaughter had a great time and after all it was her day, and we grandmas like to see the kids having fun.

Ya'll come back and check me out again soon.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Technology Age

July 21,2010

I have to tell you that I'm not impressed with the new technology of this era. I can figure out how to use a sewing machine and make really cute clothes, and they fit which is always a good thing. I can drive an 18 wheeler, a big semi-truck, that's what I was doing when I got laid off almost 2 years ago. I can raise 4 kids working at Burger King making less than $7 an hr. But to work a computer or a camera with a "disk" has driven me over the edge.

I have spent all day trying to get into my blog site, simply because the computer did'nt "remember" my password for me? If it knows almost everything about me, can tell me "hi" when it starts up, WHY can't it remember my password? If you make the mistake of signing out and not telling it to remember your username, you are really in BIG TROUBLE.

Of course when you go to sign back in it asks you for both of these 2 little words, but 2 very important words, obviously, and if you can't remember 1 you can't find the other one.

So after most of the day typing in anything I think could possibly be right, I ended up changing both 2 little important words, and here I am.

Now on the camera with the all important disk. I have 2 of these all important disk, 1 I use for taking pic. of the family etc, the other I use to take pic. of my clothes that I make so I can share them with you lucky people. Did you know that these cameras donot tell you that a disk is not in the camera, but they still take the pic. and it is in the camera SOMEWHERE?

I had an order to make a appliqued jumper, purse, and 2 little boys shirts, I took the pic. so I could share them with you, they turned out really cute, took the pic. and went to download them and guess what? You got it, no disk. Now I'm guessing that I can plug something into my camera that plugs into my computer, and I will be able to download them. Now all I have to do is find the pages in the manual and try to figure out what they're talking about, while they're trying to explain to someone who knows very little about TECHNOLOGY.

In closing I would like to say that I do enjoy being able to communicate rather quickly on the computer, and I do like being able to see my pic. before I have to wait to have them developed, but my sanity is thinking very hard on sending me over the edge so I won't care about either one.

I hope everyone has a great week ahead of them, and I really hope someone out there in cyber world can relate to this, or I'm in big trouble if I'm the only one.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Exciteing news

July 15, 2010

I'm afraid I have'nt been posting here recently, but I've been trying to get some of the projects done, that I've had started for awhile now.

I have to say that my daughter-in-law is one of my biggest fans. She's always telling me that my clothes are worth putting out there for the world to see and enjoy. I love to sew and love seeing the end result, but it's taken me awhile to think that other people would see them in the same light.

I kiddingly call her my "market manager" because she comes up with different ways that I should try to get my clothes "out there" but it's kindof hard for me to approach a total stranger and talk to them. I don't do the small talk thing very well, I'm afraid.

So she called me the other day and said that I was to get together some of the clothes that I have finished , because she had talked to the lady who fixes her hair and she said she would "showcase" some of my outfits and see what kindof response will come of it.

I had 10 outfits that I picked because I could'nt decide on only 2 or 3, well my daughter-in-law could'nt either, so I said I would just let the woman pick, well she could'nt decide either, she said they were all so cute, so she ended up keeping 8 to put around in her salon.

I'm hoping that it will lead to more orders and at the very least more exposure for sure. I will keep my fingers crossed and keep ya'll updated.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Clemson Tigers VS Carolina Gamecocks

July 7, 2010
For anyone who lives in the south or watches college you know what I'm talking about. These two college teams are South Carolina's rival teams.
I told you in a earlier post that I was gonna tap the college market with some college logo outfits, will this is my first "batch".
On the top of the page is Clemson Tigers, my husband's long time team, especially for football. It's a little girls top with button shoulder flaps, and the pants are capris with lace around the hem, just to give it a little girly feel even though she might be going to the big game, she can do it in style. I also found some ribbon that has tiny bull horns on them with the saying "Go Team" so I made a bow and put it on the shirt and pants.
The second picture is the Carolina Gamecocks logo. This is the pillow case dress, only this one is tied on the shoulders instead of the back. I've talked about these dresses before, but it's so versatile, it can really be worn until it gets to short, then can be worn as a little shirt, also can wear it in the winter with a little shirt under it with tights on the legs.
I have to say that the little pants are not blue they are purple to match the purple in Clemson's colors, but my camera is giving me fits lately, none of my colors seem to be the true color.
So that's it for now.
dsthreadsdownsouth out for now

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July! We had a very quiet day here. For the first time in a long time we were by ourselves. My daughter and her 3 kids are in Ok. right now,so of course they could'nt be here, actually 1 of her sons is here in town to spend the summer with his dad, but they had plans with his family, anyway my other 2 grandkids were with their folks hanging out at home. Me and my husband went to the local "flea market" and looked around and then went to Walmart. I discovered that a Walmart here in town still had material, most of them are doing away with it, and went SHOPPING.

I love finding bargains, and when you can buy material at great prices that is just as good a quality as the fabric stores, I say why not spend some money, so I did. All total I probably got 20 yards of material, and some other sewing notions. The funny thing is my husband told me I should look on the computer for Walmarts in the surrounding small towns and call and see if they still had material, so I did, he does have some pretty good ideas sometimes, and the Walmart 2 blocks from my fabric store is where I found they still carry it. Never knew!!!

So we went shopping, then came home and my husband got ready to leave, he's a truck driver so he had to go to work. He's usually gone only 3 days at a time so it's not to bad. That was our excititng holiday weekend.

I wanted to go to the flea market to check it out to see if anyone was selling anything close to the clothes I'm making, I'm thinking of taking them there to see how it goes. There was nobody selling any new stuff, mostly used, and only 1 booth was doing that. So I'm getting them ready and will probably try it this weekend.

The first little outfit here in the pic. is an outfit I made for my daughter-in-laws niece. It turned out really cute. It's just a simple tank top with a ruffle on the bottom and the capri pants. I love the material for the top, it's very summery and bright.

The second picture is the USC Gamecocks dress that a neighbor of my daughter-in-law wanted me to make. I actually made 4 dresses for her daughter and a friend. This is the back view, she wanted the bow to tie in the back. I took a pic. of the front, but it was fuzzy and I have already taken them to her, so the back will have to be it.

Now that I'm done with hers I'm going to get busy and make some more for the gamecock fans, and I can't make gamecocks without making Clemson, the rival of the gamecocks, and my husband's long time college team.

As always anything that you see here can be repoduced, or if you have an idea e-mail me with it and we will see what we can come up with.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Flowered Tier Dress

June 28,2010

I've noticed from reading some of my own earlier posts that I have repeated myself by starting out with saying "I wanted to share with you" so I'm not going to say that this time. I'm just going to invite you to take a look at what I made over the weekend.

I saw this dress made up in a neighborhood fabric store that I get some of my sewing notions at and thought it was the cutest dress, so I bought the pattern and some material and here it is. I actually did'nt get the material there, she's a little store and does'nt really have to much variety in fabric and is a bit pricey for me sometimes.

I was happy with the end result, all though I think the material was a bit to "dressy" for an everyday dress, this material would be considered more of a special occasion, I think. I think it would really be cute, and everyday ware, in a simple cotton design. You can't really tell from my pictures, but the material is "sparkley" with silver little lines running all through it.

The dress has 3 tiers on it, completely lined and zipper in back. This is a size 8, but once again it can probably be even a 10. This pattern was kindof different, in the fact that you made each tier individually, then the lining and then you put them all together, and finally put on the bodice, the top, of the dress.

To change the subject a bit, I live in SC, a huge college football supporting town, SC gamecocks, and that is what I'm going to be focusing on for the next few weeks, or how ever long it takes me. I have a friend of my daughter-in-law who asked me if I could make her daughter a dress with USC, University of South Carolina, symbols on it. So I got to thinking since college football is so important in our town, that I have possibly been missing out on a huge market, so I'm going to be experimenting in that area. Because my husband is a huge long time Clemson fan, I can't leave them out, so I'll be doing things with that also. I'll be doing dresses & the purses that I showed in previous blogs, all with the college themes on them.

So I hope you enjoyed the dress and come along with the new adventure, and I will keep you posted on my progress.

Dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I've been working on

June 24, 2010
I wanted to share another boys shorts outfit that I made awhile back. If you notice the shirt is out of the same material as the other boys outfit, but the shorts are out of khaki material. They are pull up shorts with the side flap pockets. I like this short pattern alot better than the one I made out of the denim. This is a larger size, boys do grow up and need clothes, it's a size 10, according to the pattern, but it could possibly even fit a size 12.
I just wanted to give another option to anyone who may be looking or interested, and I have to say I do like the look of these shorts. Hope you enyoy and have a great day.
dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lady Bug Denim Jumper & bag

June 22, 2010

Hi again. I wanted to share my latest project with ya'll. It's a denim jumper with a matching little purse with a ladybug applique on it.

I was trying to think of what I could make that would be a little different for a change, and while the jumper is not all that different, the applique certainly is. Also the little purse is made completely different than the previous purse I posted.

I had gotten this pattern thinking that the purse would be something that me and my granddaughter could do, if she decided she might want to learn to sew. I got the idea that she might want to learn to sew because she likes to create things, like going in my sewing room and cutting out pieces of fabric and then gluing them together to see what it can make. But she has never really said "grandma I want to learn to sew".

Got off track there for a minute. Anyway when I bought the pattern I did'nt realize that the jumper was part of the pattern. I had some denim left over, if you remember I bought a lot of it when I was in Fla. So I thought it would be cute to make the jumper and matching purse.

About my experience with applique, it is almost nonexistent, even though I love the idea and the concept of it. I did play around with it somewhat, but did'nt think it was something that I could do, or my machine, since I have just a basic machine. So when I decided I wanted to jazz it up a bit, I remember a friend in Australia telling me to just experiment and go for it, so that's what I did, and I have to say, I love the way they turned out.

The jumper it self is very easy and basic, with rick rack around the pockets and hem. The applique is done out of scrapes of material and zigzag stitches. The body of the lady bug should probably have been done it black, to give it more of a realistic look, but I did'nt think it would show up very good on the blue denim, and I loved the "pop" of the 2 toned oranges.

To be honest I don't think my camera does it justice in the pictures, so you'll have to take my word that it really does look good together. It's a digital camera, but it always seems to have a tannish hue in the pictures.

My husband keeps asking me who I'm making these clothes for, and I tell him right now for me, but someone will see something that I've made and say, "I have to have that " so until then I'll keep making what I think is cute and affordable, and it's what I enjoy doing.

As always thanks for coming by and taking a peek, if there's anything I can do for you please let me know.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Scrape Purse

June 16, 2010

I wanted to share with you my latest project. As you can see it's a purse, could be used as a diaper bag as well.

I was at the fabric store, they have patterns on sale every so often, and I always try and go just to see what might jump out at me. I have to say that I have never looked beyond the clothes patterns, but this day I was'nt in any hurry, and started flipping through the book. I came across the crafts in the book, and this purse pattern was so cute, I had to get it and see what it would turn out like. I say "turn out like" because not all patterns turn out like you imagine them to. For reasons unknown to me, the cutest picture on the front pattern does not always end up as your final project. It really is trial and error, and old saying , to let you have a hint of my age.

Anyway I had the pattern for a couple weeks, I was working on other things at the time I got it, but a couple days ago I came across it again, and decided to finally make it. I wanted it to be kindof bold, something I usually don't see me doing, so I went through my left over material to see what I could come up with.

The whole bag is made form scrapes of material that I had left over. My daughter-in-law bought the material, shh, we won't tell her that she paid for my new bag, I made both my granddaughters a top and capris out of it.

The bag has 2 pockets in the front, one has a snapped tab over it, also has the bow, and the back also has 2 pockets. The inside is lined and also has a pocket, the linning is green, it matches the green of the purse, but I could'nt get a good picture of it, so you'll have to take my word for it, and it also has a pocket inside. Every piece is interfaced, it gives it more stability, and body. If I make another one I would also put interfacing in the solid pink around the top. I did'nt call for it, but I think it would make it sturdier also.

It could most definitely be used for a diaper bag, on a day that you don't have to take the whole nursery. We don't have any little ones right now, so a purse it is. I think it would really be cute in denim, for the older girls, but being summer I thought this turned out really cute.

As always anything you see on my blog, or if you have something in mind but don't see it here, just contact me here or e-mail me and we will see what we can create.

d.sthreadsdownsouth out for now.