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Thursday, October 28, 2010

What I've been up to

Oct 28,2010

I know I've been missing lately from my blog, so wanted to show you why. My daughter-in-law informed me that it is gonna be getting cold here soon, and my granddaughter is still wearing the summer clothes that I made her, hinting that she needs some winter ones.

In the first picture is a purple fleece caplet that I made for both of my granddaughters, Mckayla, and Kinsley. I think it turned out really cute, being that I have never used fleece before, super easy to work with. This one goes up to a size 6, but would'nt be much of a problem to make it bigger.

In the second set of pic. is my 6 year old grandson, Zane, who is modeling a Carolina hat I make, mostly for girls, but he was being silly and wanted to model something.

In the 3rd set of pic. is a Mckayla in a blue stripped Capri set with pleats in the front of the shirt, very wash and wear outfit. She was trying to pout in the 2nd pic.but she's 8 so we'll give it to her anyway. The pattern for this outfit goes to a size 6, but McKayla is 8 and most of the patterns run big. I make her a size 6 except in the length shneeds an 8, so it's very easy to make alot of these fit a lot of different size girls.
The next dress is an oriental print with black pipping going across the ches area and the sleeves. I did'nt get a pic of her in this, but she absolutely loved this after I got it finished. The skirt of the dress is fuller and a little longer, goes right below her knee. Like I said she loved this dress, we went to out to eat, she wore it, had to wait a few minutes to get seated and she kept looking at her self in the window, twirling back and forth. This pattern starts at a 3 and goes up to an 8.
The next set is a jersey knit, with contrasting pink knit sleeves, with a little flounce at the top of the sleeve. The bodice is a mock wrap around and the skirt is full. I've never worked with knits before either, so it was a learning experience also, and I learned that knits are very forgiving so this probably could have been made a size smaller, this pattern starts at 6 and goes to 14.
The next is a pattern form Daisy Kingdom, and has 3 different materials in it. If you look close the pockets, bottom trim, the bow, and the belt are made of one material, the neck line, and bottom part of the sleeves, and the second bottom trim are made of another material, while the main part of the dress is yet another material. I had a lot of "firsts" making these dresses, I have never put 3 different materials in 1 outfit before. She said this was another one of her favorites. This pattern is from 5 to 8.
The next dress is made out of soft flannel, another material I have'nt made dresses out of, but love the way it came together. This has buttons all the way down the front, 2 front pockets, long sleeves with buttoned cuffs, also has the tab and buttons on the sleeves that you can roll up and secure, with a ruffle at the bottom. This is 7 to 14.
Mckayla is very funny, she does'nt really like wild colors right off the bat, they have to grow on her, so this next one she was'nt to crazy about at first. It's multi colored crepe and really has a nice flow to it. It's 3 quarter sleeves, with a gathered bodice and a ruffle at the bottom. The neck line is a cut v needing a shirt worn under neath. This one I was worried about the length cause I only had it to a size 6, but with some leggings it will be really cute. This starts at size 3 to 6.
The next dress is actually for my other granddaugher, Kinsley, but she tried it on anyway. Kinsley is 4 but she wears a 6 only shorter length. This is pink corduroy,with a pattern of butterflys and zigzag material for the 2 bottom flounces. The inside is lined down to the flounces. I cut some of the butterflies out of the left over material and appliqued them onto the top part of the dress, just enough to tie them into the bottom of the dress. This was also one of her favorites, so guess I will have to make her one like it.
So has you can see I have been a busy little bee, also made 3 dresses and the purple caplet for Kinsley, but she lives in Ok. so had to send them to her, she called when she got them and said "I like my pretty clothes", gotta love those grandkids.
I know this is rather a long post, but figured while I was here I would put them all together at one time. I gave you the sizes that the patterns come in and a little idea how they fit, so if you want something recreated it is possible, these are just ideas that I've made for my girls, you can chose any color combinations that you want. If interested e-mail me at d.sthreaddownsouth@yahoo.com for complete pricing and details. I will look forward to hearing from ya'll.
That's it for me , dsthreads out for now.

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