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Monday, June 28, 2010

Flowered Tier Dress

June 28,2010

I've noticed from reading some of my own earlier posts that I have repeated myself by starting out with saying "I wanted to share with you" so I'm not going to say that this time. I'm just going to invite you to take a look at what I made over the weekend.

I saw this dress made up in a neighborhood fabric store that I get some of my sewing notions at and thought it was the cutest dress, so I bought the pattern and some material and here it is. I actually did'nt get the material there, she's a little store and does'nt really have to much variety in fabric and is a bit pricey for me sometimes.

I was happy with the end result, all though I think the material was a bit to "dressy" for an everyday dress, this material would be considered more of a special occasion, I think. I think it would really be cute, and everyday ware, in a simple cotton design. You can't really tell from my pictures, but the material is "sparkley" with silver little lines running all through it.

The dress has 3 tiers on it, completely lined and zipper in back. This is a size 8, but once again it can probably be even a 10. This pattern was kindof different, in the fact that you made each tier individually, then the lining and then you put them all together, and finally put on the bodice, the top, of the dress.

To change the subject a bit, I live in SC, a huge college football supporting town, SC gamecocks, and that is what I'm going to be focusing on for the next few weeks, or how ever long it takes me. I have a friend of my daughter-in-law who asked me if I could make her daughter a dress with USC, University of South Carolina, symbols on it. So I got to thinking since college football is so important in our town, that I have possibly been missing out on a huge market, so I'm going to be experimenting in that area. Because my husband is a huge long time Clemson fan, I can't leave them out, so I'll be doing things with that also. I'll be doing dresses & the purses that I showed in previous blogs, all with the college themes on them.

So I hope you enjoyed the dress and come along with the new adventure, and I will keep you posted on my progress.

Dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I've been working on

June 24, 2010
I wanted to share another boys shorts outfit that I made awhile back. If you notice the shirt is out of the same material as the other boys outfit, but the shorts are out of khaki material. They are pull up shorts with the side flap pockets. I like this short pattern alot better than the one I made out of the denim. This is a larger size, boys do grow up and need clothes, it's a size 10, according to the pattern, but it could possibly even fit a size 12.
I just wanted to give another option to anyone who may be looking or interested, and I have to say I do like the look of these shorts. Hope you enyoy and have a great day.
dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lady Bug Denim Jumper & bag

June 22, 2010

Hi again. I wanted to share my latest project with ya'll. It's a denim jumper with a matching little purse with a ladybug applique on it.

I was trying to think of what I could make that would be a little different for a change, and while the jumper is not all that different, the applique certainly is. Also the little purse is made completely different than the previous purse I posted.

I had gotten this pattern thinking that the purse would be something that me and my granddaughter could do, if she decided she might want to learn to sew. I got the idea that she might want to learn to sew because she likes to create things, like going in my sewing room and cutting out pieces of fabric and then gluing them together to see what it can make. But she has never really said "grandma I want to learn to sew".

Got off track there for a minute. Anyway when I bought the pattern I did'nt realize that the jumper was part of the pattern. I had some denim left over, if you remember I bought a lot of it when I was in Fla. So I thought it would be cute to make the jumper and matching purse.

About my experience with applique, it is almost nonexistent, even though I love the idea and the concept of it. I did play around with it somewhat, but did'nt think it was something that I could do, or my machine, since I have just a basic machine. So when I decided I wanted to jazz it up a bit, I remember a friend in Australia telling me to just experiment and go for it, so that's what I did, and I have to say, I love the way they turned out.

The jumper it self is very easy and basic, with rick rack around the pockets and hem. The applique is done out of scrapes of material and zigzag stitches. The body of the lady bug should probably have been done it black, to give it more of a realistic look, but I did'nt think it would show up very good on the blue denim, and I loved the "pop" of the 2 toned oranges.

To be honest I don't think my camera does it justice in the pictures, so you'll have to take my word that it really does look good together. It's a digital camera, but it always seems to have a tannish hue in the pictures.

My husband keeps asking me who I'm making these clothes for, and I tell him right now for me, but someone will see something that I've made and say, "I have to have that " so until then I'll keep making what I think is cute and affordable, and it's what I enjoy doing.

As always thanks for coming by and taking a peek, if there's anything I can do for you please let me know.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Scrape Purse

June 16, 2010

I wanted to share with you my latest project. As you can see it's a purse, could be used as a diaper bag as well.

I was at the fabric store, they have patterns on sale every so often, and I always try and go just to see what might jump out at me. I have to say that I have never looked beyond the clothes patterns, but this day I was'nt in any hurry, and started flipping through the book. I came across the crafts in the book, and this purse pattern was so cute, I had to get it and see what it would turn out like. I say "turn out like" because not all patterns turn out like you imagine them to. For reasons unknown to me, the cutest picture on the front pattern does not always end up as your final project. It really is trial and error, and old saying , to let you have a hint of my age.

Anyway I had the pattern for a couple weeks, I was working on other things at the time I got it, but a couple days ago I came across it again, and decided to finally make it. I wanted it to be kindof bold, something I usually don't see me doing, so I went through my left over material to see what I could come up with.

The whole bag is made form scrapes of material that I had left over. My daughter-in-law bought the material, shh, we won't tell her that she paid for my new bag, I made both my granddaughters a top and capris out of it.

The bag has 2 pockets in the front, one has a snapped tab over it, also has the bow, and the back also has 2 pockets. The inside is lined and also has a pocket, the linning is green, it matches the green of the purse, but I could'nt get a good picture of it, so you'll have to take my word for it, and it also has a pocket inside. Every piece is interfaced, it gives it more stability, and body. If I make another one I would also put interfacing in the solid pink around the top. I did'nt call for it, but I think it would make it sturdier also.

It could most definitely be used for a diaper bag, on a day that you don't have to take the whole nursery. We don't have any little ones right now, so a purse it is. I think it would really be cute in denim, for the older girls, but being summer I thought this turned out really cute.

As always anything you see on my blog, or if you have something in mind but don't see it here, just contact me here or e-mail me and we will see what we can create.

d.sthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Velvet Cape

June 14,2010

I wanted to share with you the cape I made for a customer. I had made one for my granddaughter, and she wore it alot last winter to school, and one of her friends loved it and kept after her mom, that she wanted one. So she bought the material and the linning and asked me to make it.

The material is black velvet and the linning is also black but silk. I have never worked with velvet and was a little nervous, it's rather expensive. I had heard that velvet was a pain to work with, because it slips really bad and ravels alot.

The patteren itself is fairly simply and straightforward, bascially sew up back seams and then sew up the side seam all the way from one end to the other in one continuous motion. With velvet you have to be careful, because you can't iron it, you will flatten the nap, (the furriness
of the material) so you have to steam it carefully to lay your seams down.

The linning was a different story. If you've ever had anything silk, you know how it feels, it slides over your body, well, it slides when you try to sew with it also. When you line something you bascially are making another whole garment. It is used to sew inside the main garment and then you turn it right side out, and all the seams of the orginial garment are covered up inside the garment. I got off track there for a minute, anyway the silk linning had to be pinned and then hand sewn, and then sewed on the machine. I tried to just pin and sew but it kept slipping away from the main garment.

All in all I was happy with the way it turned out, my coustmer is out of town right now, so I have'nt been able to see how she likes it.

She also had me make a simple little sleeveless dress with matching hat, she picked out the material for this one also.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.