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Friday, August 13, 2010

First attempt at quilting, sort of

August 12,2010

I have to say right off the bat, that I've never been interested in quilting. To me it takes way to long before you can see the end result, I'm to impatient I guess, I want to see my finished work as soon as possible. Now my mom quilts, ALOT, she has made quilts for all four of my kids and she made quilts for my 2 granddaughters. My youngest granddaughter still who is 4 sleeps with hers and it's her "blankey".

I was at the fabric store awhile back and they had a good price on x-mas material so I bought a few yards, a few is what I tell my husband anyway, and then I went to look in the books for a pattern. I've said before that I've never looked in the craft part of the books, until I found that purse pattern, so I looked in there for something to make out of the x-mas material.

A pattern jumped out at me with aprons on it, and it also had an oven mitt, and 2 different potholders on it. I actually bought it thinking I would make the half apron. Now all this happend at least 2 monts ago, but I've been busy sewing for the granddaughters, and trying to get more things sewn up to show potential customers, anyway it's been sitting not making itself for some reason.

To be honest when ever I get a new pattern I look over the directions and the pieces to see what all goes into making it. Well the real reason, besides being busy, I did'nt do it yet is it looked complicated. I did'nt have anything else to sew so I got it out and thought I'd try the oven mitt, and was a little intimidated because it is quilting and it did'nt make a whole lot of sense by just reading it, so I plunged in and went step by step, and the picture above is the outcome. I think it is so CUTE.

I could'nt stop at just making the oven mitt, I was on a roll, I was QUILTING now, so I made the matching pot holder today, and it turned out really well also. You can't really tell in the picture of the pot holder, but there is white thread going across the red and red thread going across the green, kindof makes the quilting stand out more. They were'nt that hard to do, once I sat down and did it, and I'm very pleased with the results.

At the top of my page I said quilting sort of, because even though it is quilting, it's not a big project like a quilt or something of that nature, but I think my mom who is a quilter, would say if it says quilting in the directions, than your a QUILTER. Yea mom. So........x-mas presents for everyone.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my different projects, and I'll keep trying to surprise you and myself with what I try to do next.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Granddaughter

August 11,2010

Hi everyone! I have'nt been on here lately, had alot going on. I've been sewing for my granddaughter, that's her in the picture above. I've been trying to get a few outfits done so her brother can take them home with him when he leaves in 2 days.

Like I said that is my granddaughter in the picture, and you can probably guess that she is a wild one, by the pose that she is making. She's 4 years old, yes she's big for her age, and she has to take after her daddy, cos her momma, my daughter, is only 5'3.

They moved to Oklahoma a few months ago, her dad's in the army, and so they took 3 of my 5 grandkids with them. The other 2 from my son live here, she's the other granddaughter that I sew for.

Anyway I made her this outfit and sent it to her, even put her own name on the package, and her mom said she was thrilled with it. This is the same outfit I talked about a while back the I made her cousin out of the same material, so they would have matching outfits. She called to tell me that she loved her new clothes, and she wanted me to send her a picture of her cousin so she could see her in the outfit to.

I was saying ealier that I was sewing a few outfits for her brother to take with him, he's here with his dad for the summer, and he's going back in 2 days, so I wanted to make some new clothes for him to take with him, and save me money on sending them in the mail. Of course I could have had all summer to do this if I had thought of it then, but I just thought of sending them with him a few days ago, so I got busy. I have managed to make her another capri set, nightgown, dress and finsihed a skirt today.

I have to say I really miss her and her brothers, every time she gets on the phone she'll say"I come to your house now", she does'nt quite understand that she's not a few miles away anymore. She is a handful, but she's a loveable handful.

I just wanted to share my graddaughter with ya'll, a grandma's right to brag.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.