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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lady Bug Denim Jumper & bag

June 22, 2010

Hi again. I wanted to share my latest project with ya'll. It's a denim jumper with a matching little purse with a ladybug applique on it.

I was trying to think of what I could make that would be a little different for a change, and while the jumper is not all that different, the applique certainly is. Also the little purse is made completely different than the previous purse I posted.

I had gotten this pattern thinking that the purse would be something that me and my granddaughter could do, if she decided she might want to learn to sew. I got the idea that she might want to learn to sew because she likes to create things, like going in my sewing room and cutting out pieces of fabric and then gluing them together to see what it can make. But she has never really said "grandma I want to learn to sew".

Got off track there for a minute. Anyway when I bought the pattern I did'nt realize that the jumper was part of the pattern. I had some denim left over, if you remember I bought a lot of it when I was in Fla. So I thought it would be cute to make the jumper and matching purse.

About my experience with applique, it is almost nonexistent, even though I love the idea and the concept of it. I did play around with it somewhat, but did'nt think it was something that I could do, or my machine, since I have just a basic machine. So when I decided I wanted to jazz it up a bit, I remember a friend in Australia telling me to just experiment and go for it, so that's what I did, and I have to say, I love the way they turned out.

The jumper it self is very easy and basic, with rick rack around the pockets and hem. The applique is done out of scrapes of material and zigzag stitches. The body of the lady bug should probably have been done it black, to give it more of a realistic look, but I did'nt think it would show up very good on the blue denim, and I loved the "pop" of the 2 toned oranges.

To be honest I don't think my camera does it justice in the pictures, so you'll have to take my word that it really does look good together. It's a digital camera, but it always seems to have a tannish hue in the pictures.

My husband keeps asking me who I'm making these clothes for, and I tell him right now for me, but someone will see something that I've made and say, "I have to have that " so until then I'll keep making what I think is cute and affordable, and it's what I enjoy doing.

As always thanks for coming by and taking a peek, if there's anything I can do for you please let me know.

dsthreadsdownsouth out for now.


  1. Doreen, this is so cute. Nothing like denim to make you feel hip. I love the applique and the little tote bag is cool. See, told you to play, play, play!!!! You are having such a great time with all of this, and I'm so pleased to be sharing the journey with you. I often get asked the same question, ie who/what is 'that' for............my answer, pretty much the same, I did it because I can!!! Keep 'em coming. Cheers.

  2. thanks Linda, you know you had a big part in my experimental side of sewing, I was really pleased with the way it turned out.