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Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15, 2010

This is for all of you that might think that people who sew pretty much every day, don't really bad experience, this is where the outfit pictured above comes in.

I realized that I have'nt really sewen to much for boys, and I know why now, it's not as much as fun as sewing for little girls, or myself. Now don't get me wrong, I love boys, I'm married to one, I have 3 of my own, and 3 grandsons.

When it comes to sewing, it's pretty much like everything else you have to enjoy what your working on, and you have to be in the mood. To be honest little boys clothes do not excite me, therefore anything and everything that could go wrong does.

When I was in Fla. helping my folks we went to a fabric store, and they had this shirt material for a really good price, it has cowboy hats, badges, boots, sort of boy material, then I found the denim for a good price, so figured I'd make a few shirts and jean shorts.

The thing with boys clothes is they have collars, sleeves, buttons and buttonholes, not to mention the shorts, pockets, flys, zippers, and double stitching, cos we know how rough some little boys can be.

I have to say that I did'nt really have to much trouble with the shirt, and it came out really cute, that 's why I like sewing, you get to see the end result of what you've been spending your time on, but the shorts were a different story.

I had a pair almost done, and I was looking at them and noticed that they looked like girls, I made the waistband elastic, and no pockets of any kind and no fly. They also looked awful little compared to the size of the shirt. So since I had so much material, I cut out another pair, bigger this time.

I will spare you all the time I spent on these shorts, but they do have front pockets, and a mock fly, and the double stitching, but they still have the elastic waistband, because I realized I did'nt have the right zipper.

All in all it's a cute outfit, but just know that we who sew all the time have bad days and we still rip out at least one time in an outfit, so if you have an interest in learning to sew, jump in and you will be fine, the more practice you do the better you get.

D's out for now.


  1. Despite not 'liking' this type of sewing, you've made a lovely outfit. I'm sure someone will have a little man just waiting for this.

  2. i agree looks good!